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A combination of vision system, robot arms and centralised digital processing are able to replace human workforce with higher level of productivity and consistency.

The standard X2 robotic bottle sorter is able to capture the various type of thermo-forming bottle's coordinate, picking, orienting and placing it into the production line conveyor with an output ranges from 80 to 100 bottles/minute.

Additional features could also be adapted into the system such as bar code or QR code validation and bottle's colour differentiation.


The R2 robotic cap sorter applied vision, robotic arms and centralised digital processing into the system for ensuring near to zero format parts and near to zero changeover time. 

This revolutionary creation could reduce a significant of format parts costs and minimising the changeover time drastically.

The standard R2 robotic cap sorter could handle various type of caps, such like press-on cap, screw-on cap and press-on or screw-on pump cap with an output ranges from 80 to 100 caps/minute.


The X16 robotic bottle packer is built based on modular system. Starts with robotic bottle collating system, robotic carton sleever and end up with carton closer before heading to the next production line with an output up to 160 bottles in 16 cartons/minute.

For ensuring only good packed products will be delivered to the next stations. The system applied two visions and carton rejecting station between  the modules.

This system could also implement an extra robotic collator module for boosting up the bottle collating capability for more number of bottles in each carton.


There are Q8 and Q16 in the Q series with output ranges 8 cartons/minute and 16 cartons/minute.


Articulated robot arm picks the carton sheet from its magazine, form it and place the erected carton box into the production line.

While the pouches come from the upstream product line are directing into the conveyor race-track in the form according to the selected product's recipe before the robotic pick and place module takeover the task into the pre-designed transfer box.

The inverting transfer box module is an option for placing the pouches into vertical position.

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